I just feel sorry for the actors

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Originally posted by thefrey:

True, but that seems to be a danger for many actors in an easily recognizable roll. From what I have noticed over the years, the ones who were truly worried about it, went out of their way to pick roles during their breaks and hiatus periods, that broadened and redefined them as actors. In fact one of the ones that comes immediately to mind is Neil Patrick Harris, who played Doogie Howser. Not only did he have to overcome the ‘Doogie’ sigma, but there was also the child actor who did not grow up to be particularly handsome thing going on there. He seems to have really dug in and tried many different types of roles on TV, and from what I understand is in a movie under production right now. Kai might be a tough act to follow, but at least MM still has his looks going for him.

I heard a quote from a good looking actor once (can’t remember who it was): My looks open the door and get me in the room, but my intelligence keeps me there.

I would hope that there is more than just looks for the actors to fall back on, like experience and talent.

All that’s going through my head now is bad cliche quotes, so I’ll say no more about it.