I just feel sorry for the actors

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Originally posted by Praxilla:
…I would hope that there is more than just looks for the actors to fall back on, like experience and talent.

I would think there would have to be Prax, but I don’t think anyone would argue that the looks help. It is a shame that alot of actresses, no matter how good they are, have a tough time getting decent roles after they acheive a certain look. The b*tch there is many times not only are they still attractive and talented, but they are still passed over. Male actors on the other hand do not seem to suffer as badly as they age. And it is easier to get a decent role if you are a ‘talented’ good looking guy. Mr. Bennet seems to be doing quite well. So having your looks going for you would be a help in getting parts to move you out of the shadow of a ‘typecasted’ role.