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Originally posted by Flamegrape:
I’ve gotta see this movie.

(I’m pretty certain that was King Coffey, the drummer for the Butthole Surfers.

Man, never pass up a recommendation from the King of Coffey. Gummo is one of those movies that I cannot tell you if I liked or not. I certainly didn’t *enjoy* it, but I don’t think that enjoyment is something that Harmony Korine (the writer/director) is going for. It’s ugly, it’s repellent, it’s depressing, yet you want to laugh, and still, you feel horrible for wanting to laugh. It’s bumfuzzling.
I’m still bumfuzzled.

For a *real* treat, try and track down a bootleg copy of Crispin Hellion Glover’s film What Is It? and watch it as part of a double feature with Gummo, and then experience the *ultimate* in discombobulation.

(And if you can track down What Is It?, gimme a call.)