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Well, a response to the latest replies–I certainly appreciate everything said in the last few posts, but I still think it comes down to whether we, as a “civilized” people, are going to descend to the level of our enemies or continue to maintain our beliefs in justice, due process, etc. It’s not that the folks at Camp X-ray are necessarily being mistreated, but I am disturbed at the lack of definition of their status, or of their future. I’m hoping that some kind of procedures for “processing” them are developed, soon…and that the rules will follow accepted legal norms.
Anyway, a neat little geopolitical reference in last night’s ep…when the Prez & Bunny were viewing the map of carrot infiltration, and were told that it was “worldwide”, all we saw was a view of the Western hemisphere, and Bunny (I think)responded “yes, they’re everywhere!” Well, despite everything, I think Americans do remain a bit provincial and insular, even now.
Cheers to all, P.