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Originally posted by FX:
okay squish, be a dear and help out old fx here; two of the emails i have for you have given me mailer daemons; i am waiting for the third…i know you do not want the teeming masses to know about your secret life so private message me your correct email so that i can help you out…love and slaps …fx

all right! that tears it! none of the emails work…private message me the correct one or languish in unregistered inferno

[ 02-02-2002: Message edited by: FX ]

Sorry FX, it seems that you have a hard time sorting my mess out and I’m really sorry for that. I did get a e-mail come through with the password and correct name, and happily I am logged back on, so it wasn’t a total waste of time!!!
Anyhoo, it might be a good idea to delete all the previous Squish incarnations bar the one I’m using (Squishums), so at least if I get stuck again, I can always just put in a spanking new registration to get on the board.
Squishy been lacking tasty brains to nibble on recently, and uses that as his lame excuse for being a bad cluster lizard!!!
Again, humble apologies FX…
Luv Squishy