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Originally posted by Hypatia:

Exactly. Somthing is gone now, and will not come back.

Thank you Squishy for the kind words. All of them! I have appreciated them, all of them, since the attacks. Especially when so many others (on my political board) were yelling about how the rest of the world hates Americans (okay, not entirely false..), your kindness was and is much appreciated!

*Hands Squishy knee-jerk anti-American brains, then realizes they don’t exist!*

Seriously, that month was hell, especially the first few weeks, and your comments really, really helped me through it!

Right, I’m rambling. Thanks again Squishy.

Heh, what are friends for, I just feel it’s unfair on the American people the way they are painted by some people in Europe.
Personally, I think it’s mostly jealousy, you live in the most powerful and glamourous country in the world, and some feel envious.
I truly believe that if this world of ours ever comes together, it will be the spirit of America that leads the way.
I think like many Arabs, the Europeans are given the wrong impression of America, yep, there’s corporate greed and the US military sometimes appear gung-ho, but other countries are just the same…but it doesn’t mean the people are like those in the spotlight.
Because you are the most powerful nation, your country is always in the public glare, and unfortunately, when a celebrity or politician does something questionable, many people believe that the rest of America must be the same.
And because most of our T.V comes from you, what we see leads many to believe that life in America is just like what we see on T.V, ya know, like Boyz in the Hood is a typical American neighbourhood, or you all live life like Crockett and Tubbs!!!
They don’t seem to realise that the American people are just like them, I think television really distorts the perception that Europe in particular, has of America.
I find you all to be the most friendly people in the world, and I, like so many other’s in the U.K, are proud to have your country as an ally, but more importantly…as our friends.
So it isn’t difficult for me to show you how much I care, your country are our brothers and sisters, and aside from a few idiots, the U.K will always look out for you, as you have always looked out for us.