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Originally posted by FX:

a polite hussey er trollop no less! well, as senior strumpet, i vote that we auction squishy off to the highest bidder, and give the proceeds to charity…erm, of course, everyone on this board seems to be somewhat financially embarassed, but it was a thought

I was wondering when you was going to join in FX!!!, I support the auction idea, as it would mean I can live in your wonderful country, and remember, all I require is a bed of hay, and fluffing of the top-knot once in a while, oh, and a years supply of Play-Lizard monthly…we can discuss my dietary requirements after you tell me off for eating your relatives!!!
My preference is too stay with you FX, as you being senior strumpet may mean that you have a few ex’s (or male/female associates you don’t particularly like) to dispose of!!!
In fact, the lady that has the most relatives, friends, enemies, pets and neighbours, get’s my vote!!!