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Originally posted by Hypatia:
Get your hands off him!



Originally posted by NB1:
Hey! At least I’m buying him dinner first!!! And I respect Squishy for his mind, and that attractive top-knot!! I would never touch him below his top-knot, (without his lizardly permission!!!



Originally posted by FX:
a polite hussey er trollop no less! well, as senior strumpet, i vote that we auction squishy off to the highest bidder, and give the proceeds to charity…erm, of course, everyone on this board seems to be somewhat financially embarassed, but it was a thought


Originally posted by Aurora:
Nope, this is not settled yet! Squishums, I have an enourmous cat and I’ll feed him up just for you. I’ll take you everywhere with me and you can eat anyone who’s in front of me in a line (do Brits call it a cue?), and anyone who disses Lexx.

Squish, how is it that you have four chicks fighting over you!?! What is your secret?!? If you tell me how you do it, I promise I won’t disagree with you ever again. I’ll even act insane like you want. I MUST KNOW!