O/T: An Apology

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Thank god for American’s like you Puzzler – not to mention an American press also alarmed by the violation of Western standards in order to preserve the values of the West. I note that some of your newspapers have been insisting on due legal process – appparently something denied to suspected terrorists. I was also struck by Arnold’s (Terminator, and right wing republican) desire to approach ‘sleepers’ – or rather, supects suspected of ‘sleeping’ – with moderation and respect in accordance with tenets of the law 9you aint a law breaker unless you break the law). Now if only Bush would not invoke the notion of the Crusade, the myth of the wild west (Turner’s thesis et al regarding manifest destiny and the defacto colonosisation of an untamed land IN THE MIDDLE EAST) maybe we can get him talking some sense – like invoking the spectre of World World 3 via an axis to grind (jesus h christ!). Building a nuclear shelter as we speak.