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quote[quote] systems such as the ps2 & xbox can handle higher rez & poly characters [/quote]

Ps2? hmmm… what I have seen from it, it seems to pretty slow. Doom3 will be released on PC first, thank god.

quote[quote] when you’re talking playing on the PC it’s all about the video card & ram, baby [/quote]

In know, and it’s dam.n expensive.

quote[quote] I have an 800 mhz processor, voodoo 5 and 256 mbs of ram… [/quote]

Hmmm… I myself is sitting on an 800Mhz T-bird with 256MB & Asus Geforce (only 1). I wouldn’t mind having some more power, especially when I render in 3D-Studio at 8×8 antialiasing. SLOW!!!!!

quote[quote] i use rhino to make morphs, sometimes i modify the poser part i want to morph, and sometimes i create an entire body part from scratch. [/quote]

Morphable? I never got that to work properly. Making new bodyparts and stuff…

quote[quote] your website is awesome BTW – i’ll be adding it to my links page [/quote]

Thanks! My site hasn’t been updated in awhile. You can find my latest attempts at creating art here…[url=http://www.3dcommune.com/3d/gallery.mv?Bryce+only+6+vwIGc04JA]Gallery at 3D-Commune[/url]

BTW, what is the URL to your artpage?

And I do hope that you manage to upload Xev soon, she looks great.