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Originally posted by elfie:
mkaaay… i figgered out about the .cr2 & .rsr files… they are *still* 20mbs. / so, we are going to have to try something else.

the file sharing service idea sounds good — i have Imesh, my user name is elfiefinn

i *refuse* to upgrade to the latest aim because i don’t want ppl trying to send me files while i’m chatting, lol but i’m also elfiefinn on that.

a file sharing service or uploading it to your webspace sounds good — i’m willing to do either, no problem. you decide and let me know, i’m also willing to d/load a new file sharing service if you don’t want to bother with Imesh.

the clothes & hair will also have to be uploaded that way, the hair was a 20 day project and is not small, lol 8) but if you are going to use them for quake, keeping the poly count DOWN by not having body parts *under* clothing to make the file size smaller is the way to go — so you may have to create the in game bodies from scratch.

dunno — just lemme kno!

Won’t the file have room on Yahoo? How much space do you get there?
BTW, 20MB… that can’t possibly be compressed, can it?
I mean a 10MB .cr2 file can be compressed into a 2MB .ace file. It usually have a compress ratio of 15-25% of the original file. The same goes for .pz3 files.