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hi theli!

the ps2 — slow??? ::elfie recalls her recent night playing silent hill 2 and shakes head sadly:: i don’t agree that it’s slow… but i don’t want to argue – i just don’t agree!!! lol

my website is under re- construction — i’ll let you know when it’s back in working order. the link is: http://www.theelf.net

yahoo will only allow a 5mb transfer at once. trust — i’ve already tried to upload the zipped file, which was right around 15mbs. the clothes were over 5 and the hair is about 8 zipped. (huge high rez map for the hair, several mbs on it’s own.)

i’m moving the discussion here:

two of my buddies are currently in school at Ringling in florida for 3D modeling & animation and another buddy (all non lexxians – wah) has made characters for quake, so they could be a lot of help. i’ll get them to join up & join in.