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Originally posted by Fred:
Here’s my query: due to the fact that S4 episodes range from 42 minutes to 46 minutes, even in Canada, does that mean that footage, new footage will appear on S4 DVD’s in the future? Aleck, or anyone, do you have any ideas?. Can you shed some light on this for me please?

I’d guess yes. Haven’t seen anything from Season 4 (professionally speaking…they haven’t sent any “uncut” screeners our way yet). Whether or not any cut footage will show up as “deleted scenes” or incorporated back into the episodes proper remains to be seen. I’d guess that they’d provide us with the “uncensored” international broadcast version, then send us the snipped footage as separate supplemental bits. But I could be wrong. I do know that they’re taking care to preserve and archive the outtakes and cut footage this season.