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Like I said, I wasn’t going to say whether it was true or false. I need evidence before I am going to believe that a claim is true to a great degree of certainty. Now I’ve been provided with evidence. I did not have sufficient data to determine the veracity of that claim. There is no dialog or in-episode visible writing to confirm the spelling. And why did they change the spelling but not the name, anyway? That just confuses everybody.

I didn’t say I haven’t seen a lot of episodes, I said I haven’t seen 4. There have been 47 episodes of Lexx aired on the Sci-Fi channel in the United States. 43 out of 47 isn’t bad, and I’ve seen all the movies/season 1 episodes and all the season 2 episodes. Besides, I know about the major events in the episodes I haven’t seen yet. I have been following Lexx closely since January 7 of 2000, I know pretty much everything about the onscreen events.

Now, about the lusticon thing, she didn’t receive the mental programming, but she did acquire certain love slave mental characteristics, such as the increased libido. That is probably from the restructuring of her endocrine system, but her altered hormones have changed her behavior. So my point is certain aspects of her personality were changed by the love slave transformation.