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    Hmm. What could be so important about this date? Well, May the fourth 2002 is “Free Comics Day”. On this single day a whole range of the best loved comics in todays socienty will be releasing free special issues for your enjoyment. This day’s especially for the people out there who have no interest in comics. Just nip down to your local store and they’ll hand you the free issues. What could be better? take all your friends!
    Please note. There’s a Special edition of Ultimate Spiderman #1 which is a great issue, make sure you pick that up!


    WOW!!!!!!!!! that sounds way cool! i hope that it happens in the U.S. too. i don’t collect comics but if they are free i might go and grab a couple for my son.


    Free Comics day is a mainly US based event covering every state (i believe) and also 29 further countries. Another treat for you to look out for is the first ever print of a “Matrix” comic. It’s one already available online on their site but it’ll be the first one to hit print and lets all hope it isn’t the last!

    It can’t hurt to check out your local comics store, take all your friends, they’re free !


    I wonder if those 29 other countries includes Australia?
    Probably not, we usually get screwed for anything exciting – except of course the Academy Awards.

    (sorry, not talking about comics anymore)

    fluffy bunny

    Can say the Ultimate Spiderman was good, and the Star Wars tale from dark horse was alright, but the rest of them? Why even bother. Hopefully better this yr


    does this mean that this happens every year? this is such a wonderful thing for kids and grown-up kids everywhere, i would love to see it every year! 😀

    fluffy bunny

    2nd one this yr (already scheduled). Not sure about yrs after this one though


    yes it’s true. Free comics day is an anual event. This year I’ve forgotten the exact date but it’s some time in May again, it’s the day after the worldwide release of X-men 2 so you’ll know it’s soon when X2 posters are all over the place.

    I’m back. I feel like a poke-mon. I first started here as godzilla, then i got bored and quit only to return again as godfavah(i made this thread) to yet again get bored with the internet. But now I’m back, fresh from a break I’ve started up on a few boards which all seem to be sodding hectic, so I’m back as 12345. Hopefully I’ll stay interested for at least a little while.

    Rock the fuck on – I’m back


    Well there’s only one thing better than a good comic.

    A Free Good Comic – lets hope that this year the quality is up to scratch, as noted above – some of the stuff last year was appalling.

    fluffy bunny


    Had a gander at the titles on offer this yr- have read a few of them:

    The robocop book looks good, but it’s only a sampler from 1st glance- half a story isn’t what I’d call fun

    Way of the Rat – looks like a reprint of issue #1- think crouching tiger hidden dragon type story. The art is gorgeous, plot is good, but is by the numbers- well worth having a look at (incidentally, 1st issue can be seen on the web- http://www.comicsontheweb.com/ – the complete first issues of all the crossgen titles are on the web anyway (sort of a preview thing making you want to buy more). Get way of the rat in paper form though, especially if it’s free.

    Ultimate X-men #1 – you can tell free comic book day is very close to the X-men 2 movie release can’t you. issues 1-6 of this run are very good, just short of brilliant (the characters are missing a bit of individuality in their dialogue mannerisms IMHO)- still, a good plot. 6-12 lose the novelty, and from there, the series got boring. I’d have thought marvel would have been better off with a stand alone comic for free comic book day- issues 1-6 need to be read together or you get absoutley no sense of closure. I think this has been released in about 3 or 4 different forms, including previously free on the web- so just about everyone who’s read a comic in the last year has read this already- ah it can be found free on the web along with issues 2 and 3 – http://dotcomics.marvel.com/menu_flash.htm?flash_version=6

    Both of the 2 comics on offer by oni are good- if u need to make a choice, I’d go with issue 1 of COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE NIGHT THINGS- can be read as a self contained story. Incidentally this can also be found on the web with a few others: http://www.onipress.com/freecomic/ Skinwalker is very good, but getting only issue 1 of a 12 issue series that ideally needs to be read together isn’t the best way to go.

    Not read the dark horse one, but looks very intriguing. Will defintely check it out.

    Batman adventures looks crap however.
    The recent new transformers series (plural, tv and comic book) all have been lacking, armada included.

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