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    Welp! Just downloaded and saw the first episode of Season 5 and I have to say, I was impressed!

    Besides belly laughing every few minutes the show gave some interesting insights to the conundrum (not the arc I, sure) for the scooby gang in the is season)

    Fancy being the boass of the company that is your arch enemy!? HOw would you like to work for a company of back-stabbing companions that seem to be on your side, but aren’t…. maybe!? (hehe – I bet you said, ‘I already am!’).

    Yep, the first epsiode had loads of meat, and some pretty handsom/sexy bods and amn interesting story. Although, there were som eirritating bits the high points for me were the story for the first episode – an interesting dilema, very cool that they had to save the enemy and the way they did it – it can’t be easy for the writers and I wonder if they aren’t making a rod for their own back for this kind of stuff – no way will they be able to think up similar yet innovative for another 21 episodes!

    Having said that, there were some bits that were bloody annoying. The explanation of why Wolfram & Heart gave them the key to the business was silly. Angel and his buds would surely have rather killed off all the clients and staff and carry on the good fight than work with then saving baddies to keep the business alive and under control. If I were them, I’d have cabbaged the client base and killed off the evil staff members knowingthat I’d at least have put a severe dent in the senior partners plans for the future.

    The girly that played the liaison was trying too hard and lets face it – most of us though it should have been Layla!!!

    The Spike entrance was mildly cool but the comment from Harmony was just too silly – in fact, what the hell was Harmony diong in the show! Areplacement for Cordelia? – A pretty poor replacement! Hehe, imaging she would become the replacement for the Angel love interest?! Wow! Now that would be crazy! Unless you remember how likely (Angel and Cordelia) it would have been after watching the end of season 3 of Buffy 🙂

    On the whole though, I thought it was pretty good, what did you think?


    Season 5 already??? Yikes!

    Seems like just last year I was watching it premiere. Where does the time go?

    I loved the first season, was really dark, only 2 characters really. Then they added Cordelia and that was fine, good love story between her and the Irish demon dude. Then bang they kill him off and I totally lost interest. The PTBs were cool as heck though.

    But now it’s in syndication in the USA on TNT, so maybe now’s a good a time as any to start watching again!

    Thanks for the synopsis =)

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