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    This was just emailed to me 🙂

    Clearly a fan of the site 😀


    no ways!

    I want my sadgeezer underpants right now!

    mandara k

    So, um Sad thanks for moving the casts to Google. My machine would straddle and choke me in my sleep if i asked it to download another software program.

    And um are YOU going to wear the sad undies in the next cast, oh c’mon, it’s all about sellin’ and workin” it.

    J/k! 😛 Of course, I see your lovely lady sharpening knives in the background to throw at my head.

    *I didn’t mean it, Honest ! Please don’t! I don’t like blood, especially my own!



    haha, are you kidding! Wifey would be up for it too, it’d be better to get her with the SG undies on the show, but she’s even shy’er than I am 🙁

    mandara k

    Oh just have a few pints, you and the Mrs. and then show us the real Saddy’s that you are!

    No, guys this is fine! It’s better than what is cooking at skiffy. I mean you would think there is only one sci-fi show on well okay it is sort of but man, there are ipoding and webisoding like crazy. For what? may i ask that? This stuff is predictable, the webisodes more than predictable.

    I can’t sit and listen to these people wax poetic about something easy to predict. In fact, they should really read some parts of this manifesto up there. He is spot on on a few things, but it’s anti- propaganda so they won’t.. I’ll put a few relevant phrases up in BSG spots and give him credit.

    Drought, try a fresh ideas for a sci-fi drought, we’ve so thirsty we’ll drink tepid scummy water for it!

    Well, may be not! 😛 😯


    There’r SG underpants?!

    Mmmm… pants.


    just don’t let Mike wear ’em, ok……….

    something about a cowboy hat and those undies….shudder

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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