A Drink named Lexx

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    We need an official Lexx drink to unveil at the Lexx bash at Dragon Con next year
    (…called The LEXX, of course!)Bartenders, amateur bartenders pub-goers, club go-ers…anyone…got ideas? Have you made up a combo or had something “different” lately that really rocked? I figured with the “party season” upon us, now was a good time to ask!!! Oh, also looking for a non-alchoholic version, if possible (a moth? Li’l Lexx?)


    My friend makes a drink he calls “The Lexx” Ill ask for the ingrediants but its just like a tequila sunrise except he pours some cherry liquor in last which makes a cool ring that slowly heads to the bottom like the Lexx weapon. And of course the orange juice gives it a Lexx like texture. Maybe have him add in an olive to act as a planet =p


    Hummm, I remeber seeing several drinks on a few sites in my travels. I am sure someone will remember them. I beleive on was called a protoblood cocktail.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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