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    The Prisoner:

    I am The Prisoner,
    I live inside my head.

    I am a secret agent,
    Who wears many identities,
    Who decieves everyone,
    Who has sworn to do anything –
    My overlords tell me to do,
    Who is not 007 – but another number –
    I took it willfully.

    It is I that placed myself in this prison,
    Of my own volition.

    Yet…..I now cry for my identity,
    I cry for my name,
    I cry for my freedom.

    Yet…..I do not know my name,
    I can not tell anyone,
    My home is a shame,
    I am alone.

    I am a cardboard cutout,
    A cliche without detail,
    A hero to the ignorant,
    I am – The Prisoner.



    I Resigned Myself to Failure

    I am the schizoid man,
    Not 007,
    But a double odentity.

    Once upon a time,
    I had a change of mind.
    But freedom is a myth,
    To that I’m now resigned.

    Free for all?
    Never free for me…

    For I am the Prisoner,
    My own worst enemy.
    And I can never live in harmony.


    Another Poem By The Prisoner (In The “Quiet Room”).

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

    All the King’s horses and all the King”s men,
    Could not put Humpty back together again.

    So sprang the story of The Prisoner.



    I loved the way you worked Prisoner episode titles into it!!!! 😀



    There once was a man, Number Six
    Who escaped on a raft made of sticks
    But Rover caught up
    And bounced him home. But
    The raft was broken to bits

    Ok I cheated 🙂


    Great limerick, Sad. Belatedly picking up the proverbial ball and running with it, here’s a silly Rover lamentation.

    There once was a lonely white ball
    Who roared outside Village Town Hall
    Come out I won’t maul you
    ‘Tis only my wish to ball you
    This roar is just my mating call.


    Poems and Intro for Generation X Remake

    I am Actor McGoohan and I am very tall
    You are Number Six under a big rubber ball.

    I am Patrick Cool and I get aroun’
    You are number Six in our little town.

    I am Numero Uno and I own the show.
    You are Number Six and will tell us all you know.

    No! No! I’m a gettin’ out!
    Ho! Ho! Try another Shout.

    Where am I?
    …In the 21st Century Dude.

    What do you want?
    …Snails and puppy dog tails.

    Whose side are you on?
    …By the Rogercidal Seaside, man.

    We want breakfast…lunch…cappucinos.

    I’m not paying.
    …You are not invited.

    Who are you?
    …The new Nutter Too.

    Who is Number 1?
    …You are Nutter 6.

    I am not a Nutter. I am a Married Man!

    Well la de da
    Anyway we don’t do maniacal laughter anymore dude.

    Be seeing you.
    …Be doing you.

    There once was a prisoner named Six
    Whose finale it did not transfix
    They burned his house down
    And ran him outta town
    And thereafter his numbers were nix.

    There once was an Actor named Patrick
    Who thought he could pull out a hat trick
    His “Fall Out” was so dumb
    It left everyone numb
    And wondered to them what he did stick?

    There once was an actor named McGoohan
    Whose series he was given a free hand
    But what he used his hands for
    Was far too hardcore
    And they ran him out of Eng-a-Land

    There once was a village Balloon
    That was not for a honeymoon
    It could smother your head
    And leave you quite dead
    Then quietly sink back into the Ocea-oon.

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