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    As in the previous post there has been talk of a DNA computer, which I would associate to be something similar (but even smaller) to nanotechnology, but for the moment the impetus lies with Quantum computers.
    Scientists have now managed to use three electrons instead of two, it doesn’t sound like much but it’s a fast progression towards a fully workable Quantum machine, as getting to a state of quantum entanglement is quite a difficult acheivement, the result is a 3 qubit data flow, if you imagine that one classical computer bit carries exactly one instruction, then a qubit can do 7 computations.
    So if you have a 100 bit classical digital P.C, the Quantum P.C would have the same (in qubits) but would be 600 times faster, so imagine the fastest computer in the world, but over 600 times quicker.
    The most fascinating thing is that this Quantum entanglement is the first step for teleportation, it is perceived that these computers alone given enough qubits could recreate matter at the molecular level, also given that the work on even faster DNA type machines is going well, we could well be looking at a version of Star Trek’s replicator, which will hopefully mean no more hunger and starvation in the world (providing of course the technology is used for humanitarian reasons and nobody get’s greedy for money), and this will no doubt eventually lead to human matter teleportation.
    This is fast turning from science fiction in fact.

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