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    Current guest list: Additional celebrities will be added as they sign on.

    ADAM BALDWIN (Jayne Cobb of “Firefly” and the upcoming feature film version SERENITY, Marcus of “Angel”, Dave Dixon of “Stargate”, Knowle Rohrer of “The X-Files)

    LONI PERISTERE (co-founded Zoic Studios in 2002 with partners Chris Jones and Steve Schofield. He is an acting creative director for commercial, episodic, and feature animation projects. Loni won the Emmy in 2003 for Special Visual Effects in a Television Series for Twentieth Century Fox’s “Firefly”. He was a multiple nominee, with a second nod for Twentieth Century Fox’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.)

    JOLENE BLALOCK (T’Pol of Star Trek: Enterprise) Jolene will be bringing some of her gorgeous art to show at the event and she will be auctioning select items off for charity!
    CHRISTOPHER JUDGE (Teal’c of Stargate SG-1 – Sunday)
    ROXANN DAWSON (Torres of Star Trek: Voyager)
    MARINA SIRTIS (Counselor Troi of Star Trek: The Next Generation)
    MICHAEL SHANKS (Daniel Jackson of Stargate SG-1 – Sunday)
    ALFRE WOODARD (Lily Sloane of Star Trek: First Contact, Ms. Woodard now holds the record of being the most honored African American actress in Primetime Emmy history)
    JERRY HARDIN (Mark Twain in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s TIME’S ARROW PART 1, hundreds of TV and film credits including The X-Files’ Deep Throat)
    WILLIAM SHATNER (Captain Kirk)
    JOHN deLANCIE (Q of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager)
    MAJEL BARRETT RODDENBERRY (“The First Lady of Star Trek”)
    A.C. LYLES (Legendary Paramount Producer, will reminisce about his amazing friendship with DeForest Kelley, the early years of Star Trek, and his storied career at the studio. (Appearance tentative)
    GATES McFADDEN (Dr. Crusher of Star Trek: The Next Generation)
    NICHELLE NICHOLS (Uhura of classic Star Trek)
    RENE AUBERJONOIS (ODO of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
    TERYL ROTHERY (Dr. Janet Fraiser of Stargate SG-1 – Sunday)
    JAMES DARREN (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Time Tunnel, legendary pop crooner) Along with appearing on stage, James will be doing a 40 minute song-set at one of our night events!
    CONNOR TRINNEER (“Trip” of Star Trek: Enterprise)
    GRACE LEE WHITNEY (Yoeman Janice Rand of classic Trek) Further info here:

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