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    It would be out of character for me to develop vacation pictures immediately, and even more out of character for me to upload something to the site without delay… so with further delay

    Here are my pictures from my visit to Portmerion with SadGeezer almost a year ago.

    They’re pretty big, and the scans of the Village map are also quite large so everyone can read the text. I hope everyone enjoys.

    I might write up an informal synopsis of the trip, including getting lost in North Wales trying to find the Village.


    Great “surveillance” photos… 🙂 I’ve been wanting to visit Portmeiron for many years, and then make a daring escape attempt.

    Like to read a synopsis of your trip.


    I try to write something up later this week. When you read it, you’ll learn that getting out of the Village is very easy. Finding Portmerion and entering it is the hard part.

    The synopsis will greatly differ from my regular episode reviews. It’lllikely have a sarcastic bent to it, with statements like Stupid Arrogant American Assumption #1: It’s Britian, of course the road signs will be in English”, “Stupid Arrogant American Assumption #2: If Britain is even a tenth as capitolist as America, they’ll have signs everywhere for any tourist trap (Portmerion)” and “Stupid Arrogant American Assumption #3: There’s always a gas station around to ask for directions”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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