Aeon Flux back on MTV

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    This just in from a friend of the site:

    Just thought you’d like to know that AF is now on MTV here in Pa near Philly. Reign was getting old. Hope to catch AF soon.

    Does anyone know if Aeon Flux is on anywhere else at the moment?


    Cool. But I live in Philly and I can’t find anything about it. Can you ask him what time/day its on, or when it was on. My brother tells me that MTV2 aired cartoons this last weekend. Personally I wouldn’t know, I stopped watching MTV after Daria.


    Daria now airs on “the N” aka the channel formerly known as Noggin.


    This just in from an interested fan:

    — In [email protected], “Kameusagi” <[email protected]…> wrote:
    MTV2 has Heat Guy J, Aeon Flux, Spider-Man, and BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD on
    2-6-04 & 2-7-05.

    According to my new best friend Nitewach …

    Heat Guy J will air:

    Fri 02/06 6:00 PM
    Fri 02/06 6:30 PM
    Sat 02/07 12:00 AM
    Sat 02/07 12:30 AM
    Sat 02/07 11:00 AM
    Sat 02/07 11:30 AM
    Sat 02/07 5:00 PM
    Sat 02/07 5:30 PM
    Sun 02/08 1:00 AM
    Sun 02/08 1:30 AM
    Sat 02/14 11:00 AM
    Sat 02/14 11:30 AM
    Sat 02/14 12:00 PM

    TechTV gets Last Exile, starts March 8

    A bit late now I guess, but at least it seems to have been on!


    Has anybody a list of the episodes in order?I plan to purchase the video but I understand they are not in the correct order.
    Had anybody seen the video???? ❓ ❓


    I’ve discovered that MTV2 has added Aeon Flux to its weekly block of shows. It shows two episodes back to back every Firday nite at 11:00 PM.

    I think most visitors have already discovered this though, since when I showed up Friday at midnite, the site was just as busy as it is after TTR airs!

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