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    Finally, some news on the Aeon Flux film!

    This is an article on the Brazillian Yahoo site translated by — Ricardo Dirani

    Monday, June 23rd, 07:13 PM

    Paramount approves Brasilia for new movie; now it’s a matter of getting over the bureaucracy.

    By Claudia Pires

    Brasilia (Reuters) – The year is 2500 and most of mankind has been extinct. In this dark future, Aeon Flux is a heroine who, as a significant part of the characters of animation stories, lives divided between good and evil in the last city on the face of the Earth, called Bregna.

    The character, who also names the series showed by MTV in 1996, is going to come to life in the movies next year in a Paramount Pictures production. Now, the futuristic city that should serve as the background could indeed be Brasilia.

    The national capital, visited this weekend by a groups of Paramount executives and producers and by the director of the movie, Karyn Kusama, was approved as the ideal scenario for the adventures of Aeon. According to the producers, only the bureaucracy could stuck the shooting in Brazil.

    “Brasilia [*the city] is competing with Brasilia [*the government]. There are no other cities in the dispute, said Raul Guterres, from the team responsible for the movie, to Reuters

    If the production is realized, it will be the first time that a major motion picture will have a significand part of it’s exterior scenes made in Brazil.

    The producer Ian Bryce, responsible for commercial successes like “Spiderman”, “Saving Private Ryan” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, gave also his approval to the city.

    “It’s very interesting, because it’s a futuristic scenario, but different, with a vision of the future from the 60’s”, he commented.

    Now it’s a matter of adjusting the scenarios photographed by the producers to the script, a task that should be completed in the next weeks. After this phase, begin the contacts with the Brazilian authorities to make it possible the shooting in buildings such as the Congress and the National Theatre, two of the buildings that most caught the eye of the Paramount team.

    “I’m very optimistic and absolutely charmed with the city. I’d like very much that the shooting was done here”, said the director Karyn Kusama.

    She has become known in the North-American scenario with the movie “Girlfight”, with which she won the award of best direction in the Sundance Festival of 2000.

    Kusama refuses comparissons of the Aeon Flux character with Lara Croft, played recently in the big screen by Angelina Jolie.

    “Aeon is a more intense character, we are working with a script, let’s say, more serious then Lara Croft’s”, she added.

    The producers and the director keep it secret about the lead actress, who would be still be in the selection process, but they confirm that she should be a “first rate” actress, which means a salary of about 10 million dollars.

    By the Congress Slope

    The realization of a movie like this, which budget shold go over 70 million dollars, can be very profitable for Brasilia. Paramount’s prevision is to spend 30 to 40 millions of reals.

    This would include the extras, technicians and a partnership with a Brazilian production studio. According to the team of the North- American studio, the Globo Films and the Conspiration are among the strongest options.

    According to Guterres, wile a Brazilian company learns with the experience in an international production, the company would help Paramount to solve bureaucratic problema for the shootings realization.

    The script might include shootings in places such as The Slope and the access tunels of the Congress, but I think we won’t have problems getting the authorization”, said Guterres, adding that the movie should begin to be shot in November abroad and in January in Brasilia, taking advantage of the rainy season.

    “It will not be a problem, because the city has a dark atmosphere, which goes well with a clouded sky”, he said


    So that’s[/b] what it’s about. Cool beans.

    Now hows about some more sci-fi/apocolyptic TV shows Paramount! 😛


    sadgeezer…sorry for earlier…hope u understand that i’m new to this…well actually thats not a hundred percent true…

    i heard peter chung(u know him ryt?) has nothing to do with the movie starring charlise theron so i think i wouldn’t expect much with the cast too…i whole-heartedly believe peter chung should be given more credit in creating aeon and therefore be involved with the script, that is if they really want to end up with a good one.

    can you keep me posted on any news bout the film?
    and lastly…do you happen to know a site which has the complete transcript for all three seasons of aeon flux? because aeon flux might be airing here in our country again since you say it is in yours…sure do hope so…its my constant(my litany)prayer these past few days…

    chow! i’l b out, kicking limos…


    Whoopsy! Shoulda looked down! Well it will be interesting to see who the rest of the cast is. I too hope that they keep some of the flavor of the original Chung concepts.


    I saw Charlise Theron (I wish people pronounced her name correctly) in Jo’burg not so long ago.

    I was at a company function, and she walked past with a couple of body gaurds. Must have been staying at the Hotel.

    So much for grabbing the opportunity. I kinda just stood there and watched.

    Next time, I’ll ask her for a date.


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