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    I was skimming through some of the film review sites and noticed this little titbit from the Skewed & Reviewed website forum moderated by a geezer called Gareth..

    Following the word that Charlize Theron only took the lead in Aeon Flux for the money comes this bit of news.

    In what is always a very bad sign, Paramount has decided not to screen Aeon Flux in advance for critics. This is usually a sign that the film will be an absolute stinker, and that they are trying to make a quick buck opening weekend before being savaged by the press.

    The Confirmation is below.

    Gareth- There is not a screener for AEON FLUX and it is not being screened for the press


    The show comes out on Friday! 😕


    I hope it doesn’t suck..


    None of this surprises me. When I first started seeing ads on TV for the movie a month ago, I knew it was gonna be bad. As a rule of thumb; any TV spots, billboards or Bus ads so early is overcompensation and a sign that the movie will be okay at best.

    And if that weren’t enough, the trailers don’t make me want to see the movie. It’s really only because of this site’s guide and an interesting premise/backstory on the official website that I’m going to see the movie.

    I’ll post my thoughts after I see it. Since I’m not expecting much, I might be wind up being pleasantly surprised


    The appeal of AeonFlux, to me, is the raw sexuality and acrobatic prowess of the main charater (Aeon). The lithe, Peter Chung greated Egon Shiele inspired, bodies of all characters promoted the futuristic feel that kept me watching. The music melded with the visual feel in a way that I find hard to believe can ever be transmuted to fit any human character (except maybe Christian Bale in the Machinist – more spooky than SciFi).
    I don’t have high expectations for this film (although I will see it) and I await the full Peter Chung collection on DVD (unless it already exists – I haven’t checked)


    Yup, no preview is a very bad sign.

    Since the leading lady injured herself (let’s face it for life) making it, I do hope it is not this years ‘Istar’.


    So far, the only bad sign I have seen is the StarTrek next generation type wardrobe. However, since the originator Peter Chung didn’t have any artistic input I too am sceptical. I am planning to see the movie & hope to enjoy it in any case. Check out Peter Chungs commentary about how he would have liked to make an animated feature film of Aeon:


    rubbish, eh?

    oh well…if we saddies can love Lexx and Red Dwarf….

    I checked out the “official” site and the wallpapers etc are quite cool and beautiful. A lot of CG money has been spent by the looks of it. I don’t actually know anything about Aeon Flux but I did download the trailer and it looks like a scene from Dark Angel, a scean from matirx, a scene from ….

    you get the idea.

    I’ll still be in line to see it though 🙂

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