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    I’ve never regularly watched this show before. But today they seem to be showing a marathon on the SciFi Channel. I’ve been watching it while I work. It’s a nice sci-fi adventure show.

    I noticed something while I was watching. The theme to the show is really, really cool! It’s grown on me in a matter of hours. I felt there was something familiar about it.

    I did some research and I found out that this theme was composed and performed by Alex Lifeson, the brilliant guitarist of the legendary Canadian progressive rock band, Rush. I love Rush!

    But am I to understand that they dropped the theme song after the first season? Why did they do that? That theme song was so cool!

    Here’s some info about it I found on Wikipedia:

    Lifeson created the theme for the first season of the science-fiction TV series Andromeda, using 20,000 layers of guitar tracks, which he overdubbed in his home studio, to create a unique sound.

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