Aliens, Guns and a Monkey

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    I liked this episode. The opening was great, but after the first commercial break, most of the funny stuff was the background jokes. The actual “A” plot was predictable, but the little things were what kept the episode moving.

    The ending confused me a bit. There seemed to be like a minute missing from the end. All of sudden Bob is fixed and immediately afterward we find out that “peace” has been restored to the planet? We’re we missing some transitional scene that explained all that?! Or are we just led to assume that the son took power and outlawed guns from the planet?

    What’s your thoughts?


    I really like the ep myself. The end did seem a little rushed, I just assumed it was the son took power thing myself. I have a problem with the commercial breaks, as you have mentioned before. I think the episodes would flow better if the commercials weren’t so ill-timed and copious. All in all, it was a decent episode. I’m looking forward to the marathon next week so I can see some of the shows I missed.


    I’ve added the review and transcript for Aliens, Guns and a Monkey to the site.


    Not much I can add. I enjoyed the episode too. Headgehog is right about the “A” plot, but that seems to have become the norm for this show. As he pointed out, the biggest yuks are in the ripping of current events, attitudes, ect. I also enjoy the subtle looks into the creators likes/interests – the Wayne Kramer reference in this episode, and the severed head “scoring” through the Mayan style goal in Mutilation Ball. Bits and pieces of this show continue to hint at it’s unlimited potential but I’m still waiting for that next stellar episode like MBall. Sad to see it’s beginning to look like they’re not going to get the chance. Anybody hear any more on it’s future?


    Hah, just the title sounds great to me!!
    I actually havent seen it to be honest, though it is being aired in the uk at the moment, i will definately take a look now, thanks very much.
    P.S. Great review.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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