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    Hi Fellow Andromedans,
    Earlier today, I read from, that Andromeda is coming back for another season; I didn’t get a chnce to read much of it, but thought it would be nice to share this with you. I hope it’s better than the last season & may be I’ll be able to watch more of it since it’ll be on the SciFi channel; if you get a chnce to read it, please do & I’ll try to do the same before I go on my trips.

    Andromeda Fans Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    We can only hope in ernest that season 5 Andromeda will be much better than season 4! Let’s face it, some of them were just plain bad, while the rest were boringly average.

    I hope that the new writers of the series will not make us regret that Andromeda will be on for another season.


    Futher to that (and some of you may already know this (new to me). Looks Like Andromeda will end after this last season unless Sci Fi can come up with some extra cash (or motivation).

    Andromeda and Mutant X will be coming to an end, thanks to the closing of Canadian producer Fireworks. In an announcement on Friday, Fireworks owners CanWest Global Communications made public its plan to close the doors of the Toronto based producer and sell its library of productions.

    Fireworks was the primary producer for a number of series, mostly action / adventure shows for the U.S. syndication market. As the demand in the U.S. for such programming has declined over the past few years, Fireworks was faced with rising debt.

    Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda was recently part of a large sale to the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel which added the series to its Friday night lineup several weeks ago. A deal for the next season to air exclusively on Sci-Fi may save that series from extinction but the possibility is remote at best. According to a number of industry insiders, Sci-Fi Channel would not have the money required to take up the slack from losing Fireworks as a co-production partner.



    I think Season 5 could be a fitting end to the Andromeda story.

    This is better than waiting to see if Sorbo will resign, and if he doesn’t what will they do then.

    Steve Bacic hinted at a movie in a recent interview, but I wouldn’t put any credence to that as of yet.

    It’ll be interesting to see the new episodes with this new information in mind.

    Will Rommie ever return?????


    Alas, after having seen the first few episodes of season 5, I can’t help feeling that maybe it would have been better to stop Andromeda at season 4. The first few episodes are simply terrible as far as their storylines are concerned. 😯

    Andromeda is in serious need of good stories. If these are not available, then shut the franchise down until they are 🙄


    I find it hard to follow, like I always missed the previous episode…It almost makes Farscape look coherent, ffs!!! 😀 (I am a fan of both, btw) Still, spaceships are cool!


    And so it ends! Apparently it has been confirmed, more or less, that this will be the final season of Andromeda. This leaves me sad and relieved at the same time. Sad, as when you lose a friend you have grown to like. Relieved, as when a close relative who is dying from a painful illness on life support, finally succumbs to the inevitable. 🙁

    Season 5 (up to now at least) just does not make sense…..unless you start to view it as a forced extension of Andromenda by a company running on a shoestring budget. Then the seefra planet/shanty town lark, to which Andromeda has degenerated makes sense. 😳

    What a sad ending to such a promising story! Gene Rodenberry deserved better.


    Not seen any of season 5, but just read some interesting stuff about Beka’s boyfriend and how they have changed history and how Rhade has to view her a sort of an equal. This has probably been proved to be ridiculus by now, but how cool would it be if he turned out to be Drago Museveni, and Beka is the mother of the entire Nietzschean race!!!! Also, if it turned out they were in the past, they could, when coming back to their own time, come further into the future by mistake, when Tyr’s son is ruler of the Nietzscheans and they have taken over the universe and stuff. That would be fun! Haven’t much clue what is going on past the end of season 3 though, so this is probably nonsence.


    but how cool would it be if he turned out to be Drago Museveni, and Beka is the mother of the entire Nietzschean race!!!!

    That is exactly how that turned out, and not only was Rhade having coniptions about that – he was raised to worship Drago Museveni and he’s having a hard time reconciling worshipping Beka as the Mother of all Nietzscheans and how well he knows her and despises her for past weaknesses and constant unreliability.

    One of the few things in the last couple of episodes that did make sense. Rhade literally wanted to let himself die over it.

    I’m still wondering how the episodes have progressed as if episode 509 never happened…..they are literally just spinning the wheels with the plot….Scifi should put it out of it’s misery at this point.

    Quoting Bill the Cat from Bloom County, “Ack”.

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