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    Has anyone heard this band? I have… I think it’s amazing, although I must say that I am a huge Blink 182 fan so it isn’t that surprising (Tom De Longe from Blink 182 is part of this band).

    The songs I like the best are ‘Valkyrie Missile’ and ‘The Adventure’.

    It sounds like the old U2 (Joshua Tree) a bit to me. It’s quite different from the Blink 182 formula, and definitely has a huge Cure influence.

    I believe they’re making a Sci-fi World War II DVD to go along with the album. Should be, ahh, interesting.


    According to the debut album is not to be released until May 26th.

    Here’s what the amazingly modest founder, frontman, and composer Tom DeLonge had to say about this project of his in an interview:

    “[It’s] the best music made in decades” and “much more powerful, emotional and melodic than Box Car Racer and blink put together.”

    “It sounds like it has the conceptual depth of Pink Floyd, the anthemic architecture of U2 but with Tom from Blink writing all the melodies. All the songs are very cinematic, anthemic and epic-sounding. The music sounds angelic. Every song gives you the chills and you feel like you want to cry but you’re conquering the world at the same time. It sounds like stadium rock done by a band that’s meant to be the absolute biggest band in the world.”

    “The songs are all six minutes long, and [the music] feels like you’re going to cry but you put your fist in the air and you can conquer the world… It’s built on a punk-rock foundation, but it definitely doesn’t sound like blink.”

    “Imagine if you were in a jet plane, soaring through the clouds. That’s what it sounds like.”

    I believe they’re making a Sci-fi World War II DVD to go along with the album. Should be, ahh, interesting.

    In the wikipedia artricle I linked to it says:

    In addition to the corresponding release of the album, DeLonge, along with bandmates Atom Willard, Ryan Sinn and David Kennedy, is currently working and prepping for the release of a movie. The WWII based movie is done mainly in CGI. This “story” is apparently based upon Tom’s life and will give insight into the hiatus of blink-182. As of yet, the only known cast member in the movie is Michael Ostman.

    It’s being called AVA, and is being called a third documentary, a third love story and a third CGI. In the words of DeLonge, “It’s the story of the album, which is the story of the break-up of one of the biggest bands in the world [blink-182] and the creation of the world’s greatest band [Angels and Airwaves].”

    Dude has a big ego, methinks. Here’s another guy who comes across as just a little too pleased/ awed by his own music Kevin Federline (click)

    That said, I did enjoy what I heard of Angels and Airwaves. Oh, I watched the trailer for the movie at the official site: Looks interesting.


    Yep, I heard him on the radio, was really full of himself. Still, the music rocks as ar as I am concerned.

    I saw alien planets and a space ship in his latest music video, which is aparently part of the movie DVD. I can’t wait to see it. It’ll either be so crap its good, or just plain good.

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