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    Some of you might remember I did a fan/tribute site a while back that had a pile of animated models in it. I wasn’t totally happy with it so have made a few changes.

    Updated the site so it now includes every ship, seen from the series, crusade and films. It can also now be viewed in firefox & netscape – READ THE FRONT PAGE FOR INFO. You will need a high speed connection to see it at it’s best.


    By the way if anyone, who’s looked through it first, knows of any ships I’ve missed out give us a shout and let me know.

    Cheers – enjoy.

    Around 64 of them have (60k) animated gif’s, by-product of the old original version of the site, they’re about avatar size, bit jerky, but up for grabs if anyone wants them. I’ll stick them all together in a basic Zip, should be about 4 Meg worth. Either PM or grab me over at the TMG public forum – more likely to get me there.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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