Anti-Climax? WHAT

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    I don’t know about you lot that think that the end of season 5 was an anti-climax, but I liked how it ended. Just think about it with that last episode they have layed the ground work for season 6

    1, who/what is Anubis
    2, where did he get those wounderful Toys
    3, why was Anubis banished from the system lords
    4, why is Lord Yu so ****ed at him
    5, what will happen to the Asgard

    and who will be the newest member of SG1
    so I think that we have alot to look forward to in season 6.



    …(and unless it’s me that’s missed something, which i probably have!) i think you missed something off your list. didn’t that 30 000 year old asgard look remarkably human to you? did to me. hmmm, could be a future storyline there…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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