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    I mean I know, the writing isn’t that great and it’s mostly a vehicle for Kevin Sorbo…..but I can not get enough of Steve Bacic (as last juvienlle post suggested! 😳 )

    But I really like the look of the show. The ship is pretty cool, the clothing, —aliens aren’t so great, but I really love the idea of the Nietzscheans as a genetically engineered race, base on ideaology.

    Also that the ability to Slipstream through the universe isn’t everywhere.
    I just started watching the show at the end of last season, and I really like the frayed, melancholy beginning of this season.
    Not particularly looking forwarded to the hot pink clad new android,
    But whatcha goin’ do?


    I watch the show occasionally and never know which season I’m watching since they’re all re-runs I’m seeing. I never really got into it, but did see one episode recently that I was intrigued by. It featured Michael Shanks, the actor who plays Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1, as Gabriel, an android who has a thing for the Andromeda ship’s avatar. I wasn’t interested in the love angle, but the whole Balance of Power thing was pretty interesting — like to see more episodes on that.[/list]


    Hi Fellow Andromedans,
    I was disappointed in the 1st episode of the new season; I thought they could’ve done better & tried not to confuse the fans. Ok, I got confused during most of it, including when Trance returned; ok, may it’s just me, but I thought they left her in the other universe.
    I hope the episodes gets better as the season progresses, otherwise, I may be just watching `Enterprise’.

    Andromeda Fans Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    I don’t mind being confused and waiting to find out what is going on, esp with all the indications that Seffra is Tarn Vedra and the model of Andromeda etc…..and what was up with those medals Dylan found in Flavin’s place?????

    Confused is better than one of the alternatives, like being able to guess what’s going to happen – when the script is just transparent.

    keeps me interested.

    😳 No one else drooling over Rhade out there like I am huh???? 😳

    His lines have been great too, with Flavin telling him he’s got too much apocolyptic Nietszchean attitude going on….
    really want to know what happened to Rhade in all the months he was on his on on Seefra….his room there with the crate of champagne and the women hanging out…. 😈
    Can’t wait to find out….


    Sorry, but I really don’t like Rhade. The idiot nicked Tyr’s job!!!!!!!! You’d think Dylan would see a pattern – he gets betrayed by his best friend, an evil nietzschean, then Tyr joins the crew, who also betrays him. He then gets the genetic reincarnation of the first evil nietzschean to join his crew in place of the second evil nietzschean. Is he an total idiot????????? I know Rhade hasn’t betrayed him yet, but give him time…
    I’m only on season three at the moment, so havn’t really met him yet, he might turn out to be alright. Now though I am still angry that he steals Tyr’s job.



    As I’ve watched more of the earlier seasons, I’ve come to appreciate Tyr a lot more. He’s much more Nietzschean than Telamachus Rhade.
    Though I still like seeing Rhade – the snarky drunk version, but that’s winding down now too….


    I believe Rhade grew up on “Sarah’s” hidden planet with all the rest of the families from the Commonwealth ships that she could save from the Maggog.

    I think that this is why Rhade is not very “Neitzschean” as he probably did not grow up with all the Dogma, or the hard life, that the beautiful Tyr did.

    ….As for Trance, since there is a version of herself in every alternate reality/universe?, I guess it gives the writers great leeway whenever she gets abandoned or apparently killed off as to how or when she mysteriously returns.????


    Yeah you never see Rhade killing time reading Beyond Good and Evil….. 😈

    That makes sense, and I think he wanted to make up for Gehris’ betrayal of Dylan.

    I’m pretty much a week behind on the new season right now….just borrowed the Star Wars trilogy on DVD!!! Been in heaven!


    They’ve stopped showing it over here in the UK. I have a pal who has slipped me a few episodes, but it’s a bit patchwork. I’m up to date on S5, but I’m missing a huge chunk from the middle of S4.

    I like Rhade, but I miss Tyr. And I don’t know what the writers are smoking, but the S5 eps are a whole plateful of WTF?


    And I don’t know what the writers are smoking, but the S5 eps are a whole plateful of WTF?

    I think that’s what I like the most about S5, it’s just so out there in comparison to the rest of the series, but sometimes that’s what a series needs…but who knows considering the iffy future of Andromeda at the moment…

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