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    Hi all…

    I was at the Gerry Anderson show in London back in October and i saw these guys with (poker) chips with Thunderbirds, Scarlet, Fireball etc. but they were not for sale at the time. I love poker so i felt i had to get them…

    I was only just yesterday going through this one magazine and saw an ad from that same company…their website has the big Anderson shows…but not all of them…oh well.

    I had to buy a tbirds chip set…i havent received it yet and cant wait!!

    The good thing is that they aren’t limited to only Gerry Anderson…Red Dwarf, BSG and Scarface are among the collections. I feel like im selling this…lol. Ill be quiet now.

    The link to their site if u are interested is:

    Thank me later!!! 🙂

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