Anyone interested in Futurama’s POSSIBLE future?

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    I ran across a link for a Save Futurama petition at petition online. It has all of 8 signatures(as of right now), so I thought I’d pass the link along to anyone interested.

    There’s been some speculation recently that Cartoon Network may be interested in resuming production, as they have with Family Guy. According to a post on Billy West’s forum,

    Billy West: Funny that you should be talking about this.I was out last night with a buddy in LA and I ran into Matt Groening.We talked about the cartoon network and he seems to get the impression that the CN is very interested in new stuff but FOX still calls the shots.We shall see.

    I believe Fox still holds the reins on Futurama. Just thought I’d pass it along to any interested parties.


    Huh, I could have sworn that I read something a year ago (scifi wire?)that Futurama was going to air new episodes on Cartoon Network in 2005. But I can’t seem to find anything to back that up right now. (No I’m not confusing it with Family Guy). Looking around the net, it seems that announcement wasn’t made afterall. Thanks for the info aquabloodstone.

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