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    Hi everyone. I have been trying to track down a television series of which I saw one or two episodes of– maybe seven or eight years ago.

    The setting of the series/episode was set in a far future where humans existed as servants to some type of nomadic space ships- each controlled by a single AI. The state of the human race wasn’t exactly clear, as I remember only seeing only two human characters. The plot consisted of the conflict between a human on one ship and the AI which controlled the ship. Circumstances had forced the Ship to be dependent on humans to perform all the maintenance and repairs of the ships, so each Ship apparently kept one alive for that purpose. The main character (female) was unique because she had some second-hand knowledge of a time when humans were not enslaved (I believe). In the episode that I remember, two ships had docked so that their humans could breed.

    I have done some searching, and I had thought that was a double episode of the 2002 Twilight Zone, but I couldn’t find anything sounding remotely like this on the episode list.


    I remember that episode well — it was from The (new) Outer Limts (an episode called “The Human Operators”).


    I love this site! 😀


    woah spooky, i was only just thinking of this show mysef! 😮

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