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    Ok, so I saw the episode “Progeny” (03-05) last night on Sky and it was a good episode, one thing, however, nagged at me from the moment it occurred and I think I should tell you so you all get that nagging feeling as well:

    When Mckay has frozen the Asurans and they’re escaping, they come across Oberoth who (naturally) is frozen. Mckay cockily walks up to him and starts to mock him just as Oberoth unfreezes himself. Oberoth then proceeds to grab Mckay round the neck.

    Now, my question is this: we know the Asurans are a more complex form of the nano virus from “Hot Zone” (01-13), and we know that the virus chose who to kill based on whether they had the ATA gene or not (I.e. if they were Ancients or not). We also know that the Asurans have limitations in their code preventing them from hurting an Ancient, and from modifying their own code. So as the only way to detect an Ancient (that we’ve seen on the show) is the ATA gene, which Mckay had, how could Oberoth grab him?


    My guess is different versions of nano-bots. The technology in the 2 is the same, but they are designed differently.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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