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    Peoples thoughts on “Avalon” last night?

    Personally, through no fault of his he’s a great actor, I think the script writers tried to make Ben Browders character as another O’Neill clone.


    All I can say is no comment until I see series 9 (I’m a brit with only terrestrial so onlyseries 8)

    But I have a frient sho says that she has seen series 9 of SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and she thinks that SG-1 has gone downhill and that Atlantis holds the promise

    I kinda agree as I’m a real big fan of atlantis, I think that Mkay is great in Atlantis (though my friend prefers Dr Becket, plus she has met the actor who plays him)

    Nick -Z.

    I just purchased season 9 and I’m lovin it.

    Avalon was pretty cool and the new enemy, the ultra-psychotic religious fanatics known as the Ori, are an interesting study of the very worst case of mind-numbing religious mass-psychosis I’ve seen for some time.

    I’ve only seen the first 8 episodes and i have to say, after Avalon, the very best next episode was “Ex Deus Machina”. I really enjoy the complex episodes with all the surprises, and the appearance of “Ba’al” on Earth, playing a powerful corporate businessman, was very cool.

    He learned the game so well and so quickly, one would think he was the fore-father of corporate capitalism.


    Lucky for me, Series 9 is being shown on Sky1, every day! (I’m in Stargate heaven)

    Unluckily, they’re showing series3 of Atlantis tommorow, I got cable AFTER they finished their run of series 2 and they haven’t shown it again (I’ll have to skip a season 🙁 )

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