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    I know it’s been slated by many Red Dwarf fans, but I actually liked the recent 3 part Red Dwarf Series “Back to Earth”.  It was like seeing an old friend again.  Sure it wasn’t as polished as seasons 4-6 or as immature and silly as seasons 1 & 2, but it was still worth a viewing!

    I particularly liked the self effacing nature of the series, it’s modesty (considering it’s such an influential show), cultural references to shows and films as far apart as Coronation Street (Brit soap opera) and Blade Runner and indeed, red Dwarf itself (Back to the Future).  It was clearly innovative but also a little pedestrian and ‘mature’.  The characters didn’t have the same vim and vigor as they did 9 years ago  🙂

    Kristine Kochanski’s appearance at the end was great! The unanswered plot thread (ie. why she had died (or was she really dead?), Kryten’s peculiar behavior, and the appearance of the Starbuggy left me wanting more. This new Dwarf was great for wetting our appetite for more, interesting story, nostalgia and a couple of unanswered questions that certainly get me interested in seeing more.

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