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    When it rains, it pours…

    I just recieved this from Brian, who asked me to post this for all of you to see…

    It is with great regret that I must inform you all that because of a dispute between Mr. Lowe and Michael McManus concerning an appearance fee , Michael has decided not to attend this year’s Dragoncon. I talked with Michael for hours today, but he remains firm in his position. No one is more disappointed by his decision than I am, and I truly feel badly for those who were looking forward to meeting Michael face to face. The remainder of us shall try to off set the absence, by adding extra bubbles to our personalities.

    Brian, Patty, Louise and Jeff are going to be there. The parties are still a go.

    If you have questions, Brian may be able to fill you in, as this is all we know at this time…


    Well, he was always a long shot anyhow.

    theBrother has suggested ways to avoid this in the future. He recommends that we have a fund raising for next year MMM Twack appearance fees by using the Kailing doll and charging a buck per staight pin.

    Of course, his other idea was to have HDS walk around with a tin cup and charge an ‘appearance fee’ for posing for pictures.

    Fun ideas all….. but…. perhaps… no. 😉

    I would immagine, that the closer it got, the less he liked the idea. As the time prophet said…. it has happend before… it is happening now, it will surely happen again…….


    🙁 *ILyakkaKai lets out a huge sigh* this really is a tragedy *sobs* 😥 I was so looking forward to meeting him too .
    Ahh well, I am sure we all will have fun anyhow, has’nt it been fun at the past cons ? 😉
    See you all there 😀


    As I was saying in another discussion, I’ve met Brian, Patricia and Jeff, and all three of them are wonderful personalities and lots and lots of fun.

    I look forward to meeting Louise also. I KNOW it’s still going to be a great time.


    I guess this news does not strike me as hard as it does some of you. First of all, I could not come to Dragon Con as the United States would never let me in (national security 🙄 ). Then again, the great M.M. probably lives only a few miles away from me right now…..but did I ever take advantage of it…..No, probably because I don’t care (sorry – just the truth). I was making regular deliveries to Prince’s house a few weeks ago… I care it is Prince… (sorry – just the truth).

    Two people I have respect for in the LEXX community are Brian and Michael (would add last names but too lazy to check spelling). Brian likes the affairs and M.M does not…..why not leave the poor man alone. The fact that M.M. wants it to come out that it was strictly a money issue is your cue.

    Look – the only reason I would go to Dragon Con is to meet my fellow internet posters; I would go (if I could) without any of the cast and would not go if there were only cast members and no Sadgeezers….. No flame here…..just trying to put things into perspective.



    Look – the only reason I would go to Dragon Con is to meet my fellow internet posters; I would go (if I could) without any of the cast and would not go if there were only cast members and no Sadgeezers….. No flame here…..just trying to put things into perspective.

    Well said, Fatguy. 😀 For me, you folks are what being a part of Lexx fandom is all about. 😀

    I’m not going to the Con either, so it doesn’t affect me except for the fact that some people I consider friends will be disappointed. 🙁 I hope everyone will still have a good time, though. 😀


    Well put FatGuy!

    In all the Cons I’ve been to the best part – by a long way – has been the meeting up with other LEXXians. Don’t get me wrong, Brian, Louise, Jeff and Patty are magnificent party animals and dedicated to their fans (not just saying that – it’s really true!), but I’ll bet the real highlights of your visit will be the fun with fans!

    Nice guy though he may be (and pretty good drinking partner) he can be a bit of a premadonna sometimes. Don’t let it get you down guys, I’m sure this Con will be the best yet!.


    The billowing crowd that shout and flower, they’re calling me, to and ancient Bauer. “I must sing my song!”

    “The Fee it pays, it clears my frown. It makes an jingly jangly sound!”
    “The actors fee, the cosmic fine. Makes me get off my cute behind”
    “Make my ends people! Makes my ends!”

    mandara k

    Well, well, well. Hmmmm; it’s no big surprise here either nor is a matter of being really sad about it; who loses are those that really wanted to meet him and ultimately MM himself at some point;
    It’s got nothing to do with me; some people usually make their own hells or prisons because they refuse to change and become stagnant. Fear, anger, and arrogance are the prison guards to this hellish prison but this prison has never been locked. I guess he is still languishing there; it’s tragic.

    I want to see Lex G; he’s such a sweetie and he was kind to me; put us all at ease. ” Sigh” well, I will have memories of blue lips and hot shots. Thanks Lex G for you kindness to me. i hope you have a full and fun life and a World Series winner in Canada. if it ever happens I’ll see you there I’ll buy the hotdogs you get the beer.


    Hi Fellow Lexxians,
    Well I was hoping to meet MM in person, but oh well, may be next yr; hey, we’ll still have Brian, Jeff, Patricia & Louise there & fun will be had by all. May be we can come up with something together to have the 1s (Lloyd, Xenia, Ellen & Michael) who couldn’t make it this yr, have them for next yr; also, may be I can get a writing campaign to the Gally staff & see if we can’t have some of the Lexx guests there. Even if we can’t get Xenia, Ellen & Michael there for this yr’s, may be we should give them a toast & see what happens for next yr’s.
    I’ll see you all either tomorrow or Friday & this weekend.

    Lexxians Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    Well, I am quite disappointed! But we are going to drive over and have a good weekend anyway. Too bad that the con organizers couldn’t get the Benjamins for M.McManus! 😉

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