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    check out-
    enter the discussion forum as a guest, and look for the topic – disater! -under General Discussion, posted by LOZZER2.
    can’t type it all out again just yet- it upsets me too much :….-(((



    Thats terrible!

    I’m glad you and yer other half are ok! Merc Sprinters you can replace, cool peeps you can’t – we’d have missed you !!

    The boss sounds like a bloody jerk too! No Euro insurance is disgraceful! Surely you can give him some legal grief?

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    I’ve been through a couple of wrecks myself. I understand how you feel. It can really shake you up. Glad you’re okay.


    thank, chaps. still can’t quit believe myself how lucky we were.
    today’s different. his boss seems to have sort of sorted something out with the insurers, at least for the recovery costs and the costs of us getting home- don’t quite understand what’s going on myself yet. looks like the other half has still got his job after all- in one sense it’s a relief, but on the other hand the past few days have just shown what kind of person the other half’s boss really is-and where his priorities lie. despite all he said to everyone else, at least they came along and asked if we were ok. he didn’t. the other half is away working for him tonight- apart from the fact my back needs a severe massaging (not being a perv, it’s as stiff as a board!) i could do with plenty of cuddles. and the fact that andy seems to be so happy to go back and work for someone that could so easily turn nasty and betray you doesn’t sit very well with me. i hope he finds another job ASAP- that way i could sleep just a little better.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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