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    Well, I am no Ron Moore, but the phrase that Six says to Baltar while stranded on Kobol ie that only he (Baltar) will survive to see Earth set me thinking……

    If that is the case, and Balter definately goes to the other side, which he will of course do in order to survive, then would he be involved in an abduction programm involving earth humans?

    After all, cylons apparently need humans to reproduce, and earth will be the only source of humans left in the universe!

    It would also tie nicely with current reality, so to speak, with so many sad people (yes even sadder than us sadgeezers 😆 ) actually believing that they have been temporarily kidnapped by aliens and subjected to reproduction experiments 😯

    If Ron Moore reads this, I say we should petiton Cmdr Adama to immediately “terminate” Baltar before the fleet reaches earth. I do not want to be raped by a toaster……unless of course it’s Six 😉

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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