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    After having seen the first double show of the new season, I can only hope that things lighten up with the forthcoming episodes.

    Yeah, I know, Scifi on TV traditionally deals with current politically hot issues in the world, but the season 3 start is so dark that its almost painful to watch.

    Sometimes, I like to be (dare I say it?) entertained as opposed to just getting repeatedly hit in the stomach when I tune in to watch a series.

    mandara k

    I think they are learning this slowly: this was the political statement feature, though you can argue back and forth about

    “it’s Iraq”

    “No it’s not its Vichy France.”

    Whatever. It’s war. Like it or lump it, people do strange and twisted things in wartime.

    I don’t know. I thought it was a LONG time for us to wait for what can be easily misconstrued as a political statement.

    They should have been expecting this, but true to all of our natures they were not, so tempers are flaring. They got dropped into a seething vortex of hate.

    Have a nice ride!

    I kinda like watching them spin around in it, oh, there they go, nope they got pulled into that posters remark, oh, they climbed out, oh there’s another one. Oh they climb out on the rocks of their fav peeps thread. OOps, they got pushed in again.

    What a lark! 😈

    Shall I give them a way out? Hell no. It’s time to take some hits, you know that whole you can hide from what you created line.

    Sometimes what you create stinks to high heaven, but ya give errant fans an “Exodus” and let ’em play soldier again, and you’ll appease.

    Balance and timing, both are lost here.

    It was slow to start, and well there are shining moments, but not enough.

    They might write 2 seasons after this but the damage is done; they mock the campiness of the original but they may end up going THAT route to keep the numbers. The media may scream hooray and clap them on the back for being daring, but if Mr. and Mrs. America refuse to watch it anymore, all that ideology misses the mark.

    I would have gradually brought the politics in; spoon fed the audience, and added entertainment and humor. Gallows humor can be the naughtiest and the funniest.

    This week, sports fans, its the ultimate fighting smackdown between leftist writers and rightist fans. Both sides are pulling out the stops so its lookin’ like a family feuuud. I’d be getting out the jug and dustin’ off the overhauls and gettin’ a comfortable place on a hay bale to watch them fussin’ anda fightin’

    The fightin’ in the backyard is more fun then the fightin’ on the show!

    mandara k

    Sometimes someone making a courageous statement, or standing for a cause takes a lot of heat, the mistake is to angry about the backlash and stooping to the level of the opponent. Namecalling back by calling people wack jobs and aaaaa hats is not the answer.

    Hate begets hate, so stow your emotion and take the punch in the gut, and stand up and say “Is that all you’ve got? Thank you, can I have another?” You know why someone can do this? This is inner clarity and inner strength, not relying on others to point you to what is right, but knowing by ones own moral compass that no matter if everyone turns against you, you are on the right path.

    That’s a hero, right or wrong, he/she follows where their heart leads.

    It’s knowing and understanding a basic fact, such as this: I don’t hate anyone. I become disappointed in a few people because i think they should know better, but mostly I’m indifferent.

    People are like differing flowers, they bloom at different times, some will be more favored than others, but we all bloom.

    Those that don’t understand me nor care to take the time to understand will see me as possible the wack job or a*(hat, let them say what they will. I have met many like them. I still live and breathe: I’ll still be here after this show ends, I’ll still love sci-fi, I’ll still have my peeps who love me and whom i can see and touch and hold.

    Like my brother says, (and it’s in bad taste sorry) winning an arguement on a board is like winning an event in the Special Olympics. I keep that in mind when I want to argue on a board full of people I’ll never meet, that have no bearing on my future, and can’t possibly know me from the posts I send. I’m not that black and white, not that simple to pin down.

    So let’s forget about BSG, these is a virtual feast of sci-fi here right at your fingertips.

    Go and explore.

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