Benito’s Revenge

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    Another strong episode. The series is continuing to have a lot of scifi parody episodes (thank-you! finally!). The bets jokes were inthe first few minutes, and dealt with the distress signal. I love the SOS snooze button! Not to mention Bob not answering the distress signal, because the caller ID was blocked.

    The Six and Chode sex scenes are getting more and more brazen. Not that I care, but it appears that Sci Fi Channel finally grew a set.

    However though, the episode story was a bit choppy, and I get the impression that some scenes were either cut or not animated, because the plot sort of jumped at times. I’ll explain more in my review.

    My recommendation: Worth wathing at least 3 times.


    I thought it was all over the place – but worth watching the once (the matrix parody was brave in that the trilogy has itself become a joke). My reccomendation: unlike the first two episodes, it doesn’t deter you from keep watching – once.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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