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    Here with Mike doing a SadCAST and we were arguing about which film had the best ending.

    I said Kin Dza Dza (as you know I’m a bit anal about Kin Dza Dza)

    Mike said Blade Runner.

    What do you think? What film has the best ending?



    I loved the fact that Lexx season 4 finally ended – does that count? ๐Ÿ˜€



    Blade Runner did not follow the original story very closely. Normally for me, that is a kiss of death. But…. it was stylish, tight and over all worked with the story line changes that were made. It was one of the better Sci-fi movies I have ever seen. ๐Ÿ˜€



    I will probably be shot for saying this, but I really think the first matrix film had an awesome end. (I thought the other two were crap).

    If I had to choose one though, I would say the end of Contact. When the school child asks Dr Arroway (Ellie) if she thinks there are ‘aliens out there’ she looks up and says that if there aren’t, then it would be ‘an awful waste of space.’

    – Now to most that is just a typical feel good hollywood ending, but if you take it in context of the story you see it is much more than that : It is her only true admission of ‘faith’, the lack of which had cost her the initial trip. It is an outstanding intelligent end to a brilliant story, that could only have been written by a master scientest like Carl Sagan.



    At least it was better to the ending of the Abyss (euuurgh! typical James Cameron ending!)



    [quote=”lexxrobotech”]RE: Contact:
    It is an outstanding intelligent end to a brilliant story, that could only have been written by a master scientest like Carl Sagan.[/quote]

    Yep, can’t dissagree with that – Carl Sagan ruled!

    He had a really cool imagination. I remember his TV series (Cosmos) when he explained space and time (speed of light stuff) by using a child on a pushbike.

    Mind-blowing! (well, for a teenager it was ๐Ÿ™‚ )



    I have always been fond of the way Quantum Leap ended. Just a tragically sad ending to the series. Sam finds out he can leap at will and the leaps are about to get much harder. So he goes back in time to prevent Al’s first wife from declaring him dead (since he was a POW for years). Al goes on to have like 8 daughters but Sam never returns home.



    Always loved the ending of Serenity, it has that “it doesn’t matter we’re still flying” vibe that I loved from Firefly, and that my friends never understood.

    Or the ending of Cube, for its weird “wow I didn’t expect that” kind of feeling.



    2001 A Space Odyssey. Even if you didn’t understand it, you have to admit it was one interesting end.



    It’s got to be Dark Star. Slay the entire cast, then actually manage to give you a warm, happy glow over a guy who’s going to burn up in the atmosphere



    For me, it’s still The Planet Of The Apes.
    The scene with the Statue Of Liberty, still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.



    I’m not frightened of losing credibility,so I would say among the best endings for me was Terminator 3 Rise of the machines,simply because it didnt cop-out at the end,and there was indeed a Nuclear War,I have seen so many films and TV shows that have threatened disaster,only for them to be averted at the last moment.



    [quote=”lexxrobotech”]I will probably be shot for saying this, but I really think the first matrix film had an awesome end. (I thought the other two were crap).[/quote]

    What makes you say that? Do lots of sci-fi fans not like the end of the 1st Matrix? I thought it was a great ending, but one thing I did not like was the whole Neo being brought back to life with a kiss thing. Sort of gave the movie an unnecessary chick-flick feel to it. Aside from that, Neo’s moment of clarity, when he could see the matrix for what it really was, was brilliant.

    I like the end of Lynch’s Dune. Ok, I did not read any of the books, but just speaking as a fan of the movie, I thought it was good (even though it moves kinda fast.) I like how Paul dispatched Feyd….twice.


    Season 4 of Lexx. Yo-Way-Yo,…has to be the absolute best of any Scifi show,..that I have ever seen. Lexx started out as a morality play,..but descended into farce in season 4. Yo-Way-Yo was a final noble stand to restore the serio-comic styling of the original best three seasons of the show!! ๐Ÿ˜‰



    You know I almost answered planet of the apes. Then I changed my mind. The end of the original “Invasion of the body snatchers” was good too. The hero running down the highway yelling and all.

    Another good ending was the one from the 1953 film “Invaders from Mars”. where in the end the you see the little boy awaking to the sounds of the storm and going to the window just as he did in the beginning, leaving you to wonder if it wasn’t all a dream, and the nightmare is really about to begin.



    Bladerunner The Directors Cut ending is my favorite.

    Gattaca is second for me. The whole movie exists in order to preach and I nearly never enjoy being hit over the head with preachiness. It’s rare that I enjoy a happy ending for that matter but for some reason I liked it.

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