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    I’d list some, but I’ve never heard of them either.



    Well I loooooved Max Head room. But it was short lived and not many people know about it. ๐Ÿ™



    max headroom was good – probably wouldn’t like it now if I rewatched it though haha!

    how about disney sci-fi movies : Escape to Witchmountain, Flight of the Naviagtor, The cat from outerspace, lol…loved ’em as a kid!

    Also there was an Australian show on t.v. I think it was called the girl from tomorrow –



    How about “Pinata- Survival Island”? Ok, it’s actually a horror flick and Holy Christ, it was AWFUL- even by my standards. I think it is about an evil spirit that escapes from a pinata, then starts killing really good-looking college kids who are on a scavenger hunt. The funny thing is that I just saw this movie tonight on AMC (in the US), which I thought stood for American Movie Classics but I guess they are quite liberal with the whole “American Classics” thing.

    Seriously, though, how about “Krull” from around 1982- ish? It’s probably more fantasy than sci-fi but still, it’s a really good movie! It has knights, “the glaive”, fire mares, and bad guys that have giant cockroaches that live inside their heads. Also, it features a young Liam Neeson and a really kick-ass sound track from James Horner.



    Yep, I remember Krull! I’ve seen it many times, and have the book (hush, I found it at a garage sale). In our youth, my sister and I laughingly called it “The Girly-Pants movie,” since the main character wears form-fitting pants which look a bit like tights. The best part was the castle which could jump from place to place.



    Charlie Jade (Canadian / South African)
    Adventures of Brisco County Jr (American)



    Brisco County was a Sci-fi show? Heck, I never watched it, from the name I always thought it was a cowboy/western thingy. ๐Ÿ˜•



    Ok, time to get down to the nitty gritty. I was supposed to be filing my taxes but found myself surfing and then at the Sadgeezer site instead. This topic piqued my interest a few days ago and so I decided to search for obscure movies. Anyway, this guy has a website called “1000 misspent hours” (or something like that) and it has a nice database of bad horror and sci-fi flicks, plus reviews. Some of them are actually well known movies, but who knows? Maybe you’ll find a diamond in the rough that’ll make you think, “A-ha! I remember that movie and it was great!” Anyway, here’s some stuff I’ll throw out there:

    Metalstorm- the Destruction of Jared Syn- I remember seeing this on TV years and years ago so details are sketchy for me. It’s basically an 80’s “Mad Max” type flick.

    The Quiet Earth- Another 80’s film, but this time post-nuclear holocaust.

    Robot Jox- Anyone actually remember this film? Think “Mech Warrior” games, but on the big screen and with a, err, plot. Anyone see it?



    [quote=”thefrey”]Brisco County was a Sci-fi show? Heck, I never watched it, from the name I always thought it was a cowboy/western thingy. :?[/quote]

    Oh it was a Western alright, but with sci-fi elements. It was almost similar to the temporal cold war storyline in Star Trek Enterprise. People from the future would arrive in the past to hide whatever it was they needed hiding and the federal government would contract Brisco to retrieve it. The series didnt last very long, so they didnt get a chance to really develop that story arc.

    I love Bruce Campells cocky personality. The king of cliche.

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