Bets on whose buying the farm this season!

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    mandara k

    Will it be either Adama, or will the Prez have their cosmic time card punched early? I’d say depending on how well it flies is who they can afford to pay.

    Is it Dualla, Gaeta, or Lucy L robotic persona?


    Haha Waddan ace Poll!

    Godda be Starbuck 😀


    I think Eleen Tigh will buy it – because we’ve had a little teaser about if she is/isn’t a cylon and that has to play out sometime soon before we all forget about it.

    I think Cally will be buying land too. I think she’ll shoot chief/ herself, and one or both will die. if chief lives he’ll be incapacitated and they’ll bring in another chief who is really one of those insurgents…good way to stir the vunerability to attack pot.

    Adama is safe for ages….Apollo needs to grow into the leader of the people role. A laura and Adama wedding in the future maybe yet, too? Laura is safe for a good while too.

    and one of the cylons, either 6 or boomer will one day be the Athena that throws herself off the cliff on Kobol to save humanity. Since “it has all happened before and will happen agian.”

    There’s my two cents. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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