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    The creators of Starhunter made the mistake of making Marcus Fagen and Callie more quotable and main then Percy Montana. i would like feeback regarding Tanya’s acting and how Fagen and Larkadia seemed to over-step their boundaries. I’ m only saying that Percy had been around longer than anyone on the show and, altho she was second on the credits (which made sense) she rarely got any good screen time. Fagen handled the engineering bit and Callie took over completely. i pray sum1 in this forum agrees with me. if so i would like to hear from u.

    ps. please bear with my newbieness


    Tanya Allen is a fine actress. A big reason I got into Starhunter was because of her — used to like her in a show called the Newsroom.

    I definitely would have liked to see her given more screen-time. For one thing, her character never fully developed. Percy sometimes seems a bit two-dimensional — always a bit of a brat, petulant, and moody. Would’ve liked to have seen more complexity, and that required more screen-time, and more plots that directly revolved around her. I know she’s a good actress, and for what time she does have, she is still a pleasure to watch.

    I’ve wondered why Percy wasn’t a more obviously central character (more of a supporting role)… Perhaps the producers/writers wanted her to have more time, but she had other commitments/projects, and therefore she wasn’t able/willing to devote as much time and energy to the show as some of the others. She’s a well-respected actress, especially in Canada.

    She is the major character that ties the seasons together — a very important role for the series to remain coherent.

    Yeah, definitely wish she was in it more… She remains my favourite character in the show.

    By the way, welcome to the board. ๐Ÿ™‚




    Tanya Allen is great – unfortunately I haven’t seen the show yet ๐Ÿ™


    The way they treated the character of Percy in the second season was a real shame I agree. Alot of that had to do with the way things were suppose to go and of course never got the chance too.
    But part of it was due to the fact that during taping of the second season she had another commitment also( i.e. her short departure from the ship to”take a vacation”)She was taping a film called “Chicks with sticks” it is about a woman’s hockey team.
    The third season was going to center a bit more around her character but of course it is no longer being made.

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