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    Tha can’t be right! But apparently, Sky TV are rumoured to be brinking back the 80’s Brit sci fi show that suffered the abominable BBC special effects, poor acting, lousy dialogue, and of course the love and appreciation of millions of fans.

    The only trouble is that the worst people on Earth to bring it back would be Sky TV. They were also noted for the rumour that they would be bringing back the cult show, The Prisoner (this time with David Eccleston).

    They were however credited with the much adored and ultimately doomed TV sci fi show, the Strangerers – so I guess they can’t be all that bad.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    By the way, checkout the video – it’s a short documentary by Brit TV on the popularity of the show (rated 6 in the top 10 Brit Sci Fi shows). Funny as hell!


    Where can I get a few copies of episodess just to sample? I love cheese.




    I’m pretty sure it’s avai9lable on video and almost certainly on bit torrent.

    It may be cheesy by todays standards, but I remember when this came out and it was a big hit! It wasn’t meant to be cheesy (at the start anyway). Got that way in the end though – amd Servelan was always watchable!


    Wow, that video brought back some memories. Hope Blake’s 7 gets a remakover, but it’s more than a rumour.

    Blake’s 7 article CLICK

    I guess the Rebellion Reborn continuation never happened.

    Due to the success of Doctor Who (which is different, since that’s really a continuation) and the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, they think that Blake’s 7 would be a good one to remake.

    I’m waiting for the New, New Avengers.

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