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    Anyone around here a fan of the bloodrayne video game or movie? I definitely find them pretty entertaining in a unique way so I was excited when a co-worker at umgd told me that Uwe Boll would be returning with a sequel that’s slated for dvd release on sept 19th! Anyone else excited about this?


    I love both installments of the game. Love, love, love it. The movie? Not so much. But that’s the beauty of the world, everybody has their own tastes. I’ll probably watch the sequel anyway, simply because I saw the first.


    LOL. IMDB says Uwe Boll has already finished filming for BloodRayne II since your post. Gotta admire his movieratings there. 😀


    haha yeah boll’s movies are definitely kind of ridiculous but in an ed wood/b-movie kind of way–if you know what to expect they can be entertaining.

    i know this is prolly a shot in the dark but if anyone out there wants to find out more info about the movie you might want to consider signing up for the street team–i know it sounds kind of silly but its an easy way to get info about the sequel. you can sign up at:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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