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    Actually, it’s not just the UBB posts. The heading should also read ‘Bloody ISP’

    Recent boad and site problems have begun to come to a head and the swift action to find a new hosting service has had some positive results. I expect to make an announcement soon.

    However, the recent problems that CAT mentioned were caused by the ISP who managed (a week late and after I told him that they would be useless at that time) to reconstruct the backup file from when the site crashed. He neatly placed all the files in a directory – in fact he placed a copy of the WHOLE site in a subdirectory and caused the disk limit for the whole of to be exceeded!!!! As a result (and while I was away in London) nobody was able to post messages to the forum for a couple of days!!!

    Their incompetence astounds me!

    I’m sorry for the agrovation so soon after the lost posts of a week ago. The BOARD is now working ok and things should be back to normal.

    A new site, new host and new software is currently being developed and will be up and running soon. I’ll announce developments as they happen.



    The original posters membership details became corrupted – I therefore reregistered the member as UNREGISTERED.

    Thank you very much for that, I hadn’t actually been on until now. I tried to change Khamilian to Chameleoin and it must have gone awry, sorry.


    Could the original poster please emial me with their details so that I can reconstruct their membership profile

    Couldn’t e-mail you, it seems that I can’t log-in and you apparently need to log in to e-mail, so I’m posting it here.
    My new alias is Chameleion.
    Thanx for that.


    Hiya Chameleoin,

    You will need to send me an email to [email protected] with your preferred password and I’ll set it up for you. Unfortuinately, I completely lost your original profile.


    thanks for keeping us updated Sadgeezer!

    anyone else who is having trouble please email Sadgeezer at [email protected] or post here.

    we are all wishing you good luck on with a new ISP!!

    **fingers crossed for luck!**


    Testynge, testynge….


    Hey, it worked!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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